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How To Make An Aquarium For A Dollshouse

Making a dollhouse fish tank with fish can be a fun and creative project! Here are the steps you can follow: Materials:

  • Clear plastic or glass container (small enough to fit in the dollhouse)

  • Decorative stones or gravel

  • Small decorative plants or artificial seaweed

  • Small plastic or resin fish (or make your own from polymer clay)

  • Clear glue

  • Water


  1. Choose a clear container that will fit in your dollhouse. It can be a plastic container with a lid or a small glass bowl.

  2. Clean the container thoroughly to ensure there is no dirt or debris inside.

  3. Place a layer of decorative stones or gravel at the bottom of the container. This will serve as the base for your fish tank.

  4. Add a few small decorative plants or artificial seaweed to give the fish tank a more realistic look.

  5. Glue the plastic or resin fish onto the stones and plants in the tank. You can position them in a way that looks like they are swimming around.

  6. Fill the container with water. Be careful not to overfill it, as you don't want the water to spill over the sides when you move it into the dollhouse.

  7. Finally, carefully place the fish tank into your dollhouse.

You can also add other decorations to the fish tank, such as small rocks or shells, to make it look more realistic. And, if you want to add a touch of whimsy, you can paint the outside of the container to make it look like a cartoon fish tank. Have fun with it and get creative!

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