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How To Decorate Easter Eggs For A Dollshouse

dollshouse easter eggs

  1. Gather materials: miniature plastic or wooden eggs, paint, brushes, glue, decorative materials such as glitter, ribbon, and miniature flowers.

  2. Clean and prepare the eggs by removing any stickers or residue, and then sanding the surface to ensure smoothness.

  3. Paint the eggs with a base color, let dry and apply additional coats if necessary.

  4. Decorate the eggs with additional colors, patterns or designs using paint or other decorative materials such as glitter or stickers.

  5. Let the eggs dry completely.

  6. Use glue to attach any additional decorative elements, such as miniature flowers, ribbons, or other small objects, to the eggs.

  7. Once all the decorations are dry and set, display the eggs in your dollhouse as desired, such as in a basket or on a shelf.

  8. Enjoy your hand-crafted dollhouse Easter eggs!

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