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How To Age Dollshouse Furniture

To age dollhouse furniture to give it a vintage or antique look, you can try the following techniques:

  1. Sanding: Use fine-grit sandpaper to gently sand the edges and surface of the furniture. This will give it a worn and weathered appearance.

  2. Distressing: Use a tool such as a nail or a screwdriver to make small nicks and scratches in the surface of the furniture.

  3. Staining: Apply a dark wood stain to the furniture to make it look older and add depth to the wood grain.

  4. Paint layering: Apply a base coat of paint and then layer with different colors or shades of paint, using a dry brush or sandpaper to distress the surface.

  5. Glazing: Apply a glaze or a mixture of paint and glaze to the surface of the furniture, wiping it off with a cloth to leave some in the crevices and corners to highlight details and age the piece.

  6. Adding Patina: Use green or brown paint or ink to create a patina on metal surfaces, such as handles or hinges, to make them look older.

These techniques can be used separately or in combination to achieve the desired level of aging and authenticity.

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